Saturday, June 12, 2004

harry pothead & cute chicks

I just watched Happy Potter and some prisoner guy.

What do I think?

- I just paid 4 pounds to watch a bunch of irritating kids running around
- Those are a bunch of bad actors
- The writer of the book is the richest woman in the UK
- Peole say the book is good, I haven't read it, but the movie -- not so much
- That movie is way too patched up and in bits and pieces
- Hermoine - not bad!!

According to Kay and Kim, because of the last statement about Hermoine being a cute chick, I have issues because apparently shes just a kid. Why?

Cause I like the Olsen Twins as well. Their image of the Olsens are kids running around in that show called Full House. But I never watched that stupid show. My image of the Olsen twins -- chune chicks who are my age and are billionaires.

Lets play a game. Anybody know who she is and anybody care to venture a guess how old she is?

**If you do know who she is, don't spoil it for everybody so quickly ok? And you can also comment on whether she's chune as well. Oh yeah, shes 6' 2" tall by the way.

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