Friday, June 11, 2004

heat wave

I love the cold weather here. I have always professed my undying love for winter. Its like walking around in an air-cond room. The irony is that in Malaysia, a lot of people pay huge sums of money to fully air-condition their house, but when here, with a natural air-conditioning, the same people then complain about the cold.

When I get back to Malaysia for holidays, I always say I only miss 2 things about the UK. That is the weather and the super fast internet connection (but thats another story). I love the cold. In winter, I walk around wearing at the most, 2 layers of clothes, an ordinary t-shirt and a jacket. People say I am crazy. Other people say that I am trying to be macho.

But you see, the cold is better. If you are feeling cold, all you do is wear more layers. But if you feel warm, are you going to strip naked and walk around? And even so, stripping is not going to make it any cooler, because the police will arrest you and throw you in jail, and without any clothes and a bare ass especially for a guy, things in the jail are only going to get hotter, but again, thats another story.

That was winter. 3 months of people telling me how much the cold weather sucks. How much they love the warmth of the sun. How I am a psycho for wearing t-shirt and shorts. Now, its summer. It hit a high of 30 degrees Celcuis just the other day. Not as bad as in Malaysia, true. But theres also no air-conditioning here. No fans. The houses are designed to keep the heat in, not to get rid of it. Suddenly, everybody agrees with me. The heat is like burning in hell -- a fucking torture, especially with double glazed windows essentially turning your house into a greenhouse.

I've been saying it for ages. Nobody believed me. Suddenly, I summer, I am right. But next winter, I will be called crazy again. Irony eh?

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