Friday, June 18, 2004

just for the record


It seems I am macho man. Over the last few days........

Scenario 1

Vincent : Kate Beckinsale is damn chune la.

Friend#1 : Hmph! Why all you guys like her ar? Even my boyfriend loves her. He will probably dump me to go out with her.

Vincent : Errrr.....I would do that too. Haha.

Friend#1 : Fuck you. When did you start liking her? Pearl Habour?

Vincent : Nope. Serendipity. Cool show.

Friend#1 : WTF?? Serendipity? OMFG! Vincent Lau the macho guy likes Serendipity??

Vincent : ......

Scenario 2

Friend#2 : I missed City of Angel on TV just now. Damn!

Vincent : Oh? It was on TV? City of Angels is a cool show.

Friend#3 : Did I hear it right? Vincent likes City of Angels??

Vincent : Err....yeah. Cool what.

Friend#3 : Oh. Lagak macho but actually like chick flicks eh? Haha.

Vincent : ......

So yes. Just for the record. I like Serendipity. Partly cause of Katie. I also like City of Angels. Thats partly cause of Meg Ryan too. In addition, I like You've Got Mail too.

But I can't stand A Walk to Remember. That's one hell of a fucked up show with crap actors and a crap storyline coupled with a fucking bad script.

So yeah...thats just for the record.

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