Monday, June 28, 2004

land of ah bengs

On Saturday, one of the first few things I did after reaching KL was to accompany my brother to the passport office in Subang to collect his passport.

There, I saw a fucking lot of Ah Bengs. You know, those with colourful handphones. They are always either overdressed or underdressed. Like wearing their pyjamas in public. Or colouring their hair with streaks of blonde. And wearing their trademark black waist pouch which they use to put money, handphone, girlfriend's picture, and spaceship keys. Also, they were speaking in the typical Chinaman Ah Beng tone which I absolutely cannot understand.

I dunno whether its just that Ah Bengs are rich (because of the pirated VCD business) and frequently travel around, hence the need for lots of passports, or that I haven't seen a proper Ah Beng in such a long time that I confuse every average Chinese Joe for an Ah Beng.

I am confused. Maybe in the next few days, more exposure to Ah Bengs will help me differentiate the real deals from the wannabes.

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