Wednesday, June 30, 2004

new age "men"

Front page of today's Star Two:

The accompanying news article here and here.

Exerpts from the two articles:

Azalina also commended SMK Seafield’s all-boy team, Vulcanz, calling them “new age men” and said that they were very brave to perform at an event that most would consider an all-girl event.

SMK Seafield’s Vulcanz all-boy team staved off fierce competition to take home the Best Newcomer award that came with a cash prize of RM500 and a RM200 hamper from Clean & Clear.

Best Newcomer, Vulcanz Team B (all-boy) from SMK Seafield, Subang Jaya
Squad captain Lim Chee Wei, 18

"We wanted to promote the unpopular group of cheerleaders. We did it and made it to become Best Newcomer and we are very proud and happy. I think guys can cheer as long as they do not cheer with poms.

We were just hoping our performance would touch people and that they could see what we really wanted to show to the world, that in anything, you cannot separate genders and that both sexes can do anything so do not be sexist."

Everybody please tell me they fucking laughed when they first saw it. I have nothing against guy cheerleaders. In fact, I think that guy cheerleaders are smart bastards. In a normal cheerleading team, here's why:

1) The guys are in charge of the stunts, they throw and catch the girls -- hence lots of physical contact.
2) They get to hang around girls.
3) Cheerleaders are fit and in good physical condition. Plus, after a routine, they get sweaty and everything -- guys dig that.
4) They get to hang around girls.
5) You get to be around the chicks when they are at the highest of highs and lowest of lows.
6) And we all know about female dynamics. When sad or happy, they like to hug people for some fucking reason.
7) They get to hang around girls.
8) Those guys are damn horny.

So, guys in a co-ed team, I fully understand. But an all guy team? That's just gay. I have a theory. I think those guys were ordinary horny guys who wanted to join the girl's team. You know, get to know girls and for the above reasons. Probably one of those girls were not too happy. Or maybe their teacher advisor wasn't too happy with that idea of close proximity between the guys and girls. So, they were asked to start their own team. They were then torn in a dilemma. Should they sell their soul? Or should they allow their devious plot to get exposed? The logic : they could still train together with the girls and get advice from the girls. Also, they could show their 'sensitive' side and chicks dig that too. But somehow, and somewhere in the process, they confused their 'sensitive' side for their bapok gay ahqua feminine side.

In Joey Tribbianni's words:

"Its like a woman wanting to be a...a...a penis model!!"

hmmm..new age men huh?well i think their fine..why must u insult them?even though it don look as good as the us side..but still they did their best..well try check charm all stars out..check the guys out..most of them are from vulcanz all boys..and btw dude..can u do whatever dey can do?if u cant right..so SHUT THE FUCK UP!=)

yea.. i agree wif the person b4 me.. just SHUT UP le.. those r my frenz u noe??? they r damn macho n def so not gay! i think guys tat dare to join something like an all girls thingy r real men.. u def r bitchy arent u?

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