Sunday, June 20, 2004

number 100

This is it. Post number 100.

It seems not too long ago when I used to critisize blogs. I blame Google for it. You see, I heard about this latest craze of blogging and decided to check it out. Google searched a few, and the end results were dissapointing. It seemed like the only things bloggers did was to talk about what they did in their life. Its ok if you are reading an article by a friend, but if a stranger wrote along those lines and you do not know anything about the person, that would make it a fucking boring piece of literature.

I was then recommended Belle de Jour which supposedly won UK blog of the year. Again I was not convinced. I wasn't quite bothered about reading about the exploits of a London prostitute. And I figured, if that blog was the best British blog, then hell, I ain't going to like any others. This was a fact I later learned -- blog awards are most of the time not very accurate. Many a blog I have seen deserve a mention but were not even in the top 10 of a few blog awards due to lack of publicity.

Then found MichaelOoi who wrote with an unique sytle of cursing and taking the piss. I loved it because it was something which was very "me". And so I figured, since I had always loved writting and I have always been cursing and have a habit of taking the piss, why not combine it into one and do it at the same place.

So, this blog was born in the middle of my Easter holidays -- a time when I had a 3rd year project to worry about and an exam to revise for. It became an obssession. My characteristic mindset (which I am not ashamed of) was to show people what I could do. The theme would undoubtedly be me. Personal, but not so much. What you read is what you get, but I am never going to indulge strangers about the most personal of my inner thoughts. Many a blog I have read have talked about a guy they were chasing, a girl they shagged last night, and a break-up they suffered. That, I reckon is exposing too much to the outside world -- people who have no right to know.

100 posts and more than 5000 hits later, I have had my fair of rave reviews, sincere or otherwise (I thank Nedstats for helping me with spotting the kiss ass people -- why kiss my ass, I haven't got a clue). I have also come under a considerable amount of critisism and controversy, upon which I thrive upon. I learned that there are a lot of stupid people out there -- people who do not like what you write but nevertheless feel it necessary to torture themselves into reading your entire archive and visit your site everyday. Do what I do. When I see a blog I do not like, I just close the darn window.

And since getting into blogging, I found a few that I really like, my daily reads -- with a taste of a Malaysian flavour. Of course, MichealOoi, with his vocabulary and a scary talent for creative insulting. There's Drliew, KancilKiller, Viewtru who are capable of humour using very little holy language. Metalrage writes another good blog with a kind of sick humour which has to be taken in good fun. Then there's Minishorts which I really love the writting style and language -- written in a way which I have always tried to do in school but was never successful. Maomaobaby is a typical girl's blog, but I have taken this into liking because most of her opinions and sentiments echo that of mine, so I can relate to a lot of the things that she writes.

As I said earlier, some blogs are nothing more than an expression of one's self. Blogs which mutilate my cursor into a million stars, blogs which have a yellow background with small white fonts which require a magnifying glass to read contribute to the increasing thickness of my spectacles, blogs with an overused amount of Flash and blinking stars and blogs with music playing in the background drowning out my own MP3. I used to hate those. But then, I realised something that I had known all along, that blogs are actually weBLOGs, and are an expression of one's self. Just as I use holy language to express myself, some people think it suitable to use small light fonts against a gawdy background to express themselves. Fair play to them then.

But nevertheless, mine is still a BitchingLOG. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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