Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Life as a student involves a shit load of packing. Packing is a bitch. Imagine having to shift house 3 times a year. Only thing that we don't exactly shift house. We put our stuffs in boxes just for the KICK of it. And then after the holidays, unpack everything again, put the posters back on the wall, tack all the cables to the walls, and arrange all the fat ugly cotton animals on the window sill. Actually, thats the case for students staying in university halls.

For the rest of us staying in houses, its a much better situation. We only need to pack up our stuff once a year when we shift house after that. But then, as opposed to staying in halls, students in houses have even more shit to deal with. And that makes packing an even bigger bitch.

The trick behind all that is actually very simple. Use both big and small boxes. Big boxes are reserved exclusively for things like pillows and clothings -- light stuff. Small boxes are used for books and notes. That way, the boxes are fully utilised and the weight is managable. Unfortunately, many people do not use their heads when packing their stuffs. For a lot of people, its better to have as few boxes as possible. They resort to using mother of huge boxes, like boxes which people put fridges in.

Most of the time, those retards, and unfortunately most of the time girls, are not able to lift the boxes and then ask help from their male friends. The reason I say it is girls is cause the guys will never ask help -- they need to maintain their macho image even if it means breaking their backbones. Their friends who are obliged to help then get backaches by lifting stones.

I once saw a China-man carry a mother of a huge suitcase onto a bus. Buses here have a special compartment in the front so that people can put their bags. Anyways, the dumb fuck dragged his bag onto the bus and left his bag in the middle of the corridor. The bus driver then asked him to put the bag on the compartment. He replied that he couldn't lift it cause it was too heavy. The bus driver then decided to help him. Now, the bus driver was a big black dude more than 6 feet tall. Think Ving Rhymes. He underestimated the weight of the bag. First he tried to lift it with one hand. It barely budged 2 inches off the ground. Then using both hands, he finally managed to get the bag on to the compartment. I could literally see his big muscular hands shaking after that. I ain't got a fucking clue how the stupid China-man even got the bag from his house to the bus stop.

The point is, why the fuck do people like to pack a bag which they can't carry themselves? Many a time in the bus station or the train station, you see a thin chick trying to drag her bag up the stairs. Most of the time, you get kind souls who help her carry the bag. But then again, the level of kindness shown is usually directly proportional to the size of her boobs.

Moral of the story : If you can't carry a bag or box that you packed, its not because you are weak, its cause you are stupid enough to pack it so heavy.

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