Wednesday, June 30, 2004

random holy stuffs

**Theres a damn disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Read it first**

For me, there are two types of people. Holy people and unholy people. There is no such thing as being in-between.

Me, I am a scum and proudly so. I drink, I gamble, I lie, I curse and swear. And I make no pretentions to that. Oh, and porn too. Porn, its a beautiful thing. Every guy watches it, and those who don't are liars. Most girls are not dying to see it, but are curious to the bone, those who aren't are uninformed and will have problems in the future.

But everytime I tell a dirty joke, and when people laugh, they end up saying, "You are a dirty bugger cause you have lots of dirty jokes." Not true, the only reason I have lots of dirty jokes is down to good memory for these stuffs. Being a dirty bugger -- well, you laughed didn't you? Means you understand it. Means you are just as dirty as me, no?

Also, this world is full of irony. I am not at all a religious person. I am governed by my own rules and my own morals. This for some reason makes some people unhappy -- because everybody must follow a certain God, or so it seems. Preachers. I am talking about those scum of human beings who try to convert me to their faith.

However, those people, on the Saturday night are out with me drinking till they get pissed drunk, swear more than me and wake up the next morning to ask God to forgive them for their sins. The next week, the same thing happens. Also, there are people who think that all traffic rules are absolved because they are visiting a place of worship. This means that they can triple-park their cars and block the road. It is still committing an offence and just because you want to go and pray, that is not a justification. So why bother to pray and do good things while breaking rules in the process?

If you want to do something, do it right, and follow all the rules. Don't do it half and half. That's just not right.

Oh, and by the way, I would really like to congratulate the old people who started youth fellowship in places of worship. What was meant to be a bleeding good idea to get youngsters to go and pray, turned out to be a free dating filter service for a lot of people -- well, most of the people I know anyway.

They have activities like bands, camps and stuffs like that. Good. Its keeps kids of the streets by allowing them to do productive stuffs. Looking for a girlfriend who can cook? Join the fellowship, go for their camps and pick out the best cook. Want to date the lead singer in a band? Sure, join the fellowship and get to know him. And this is something with Chinese guys. Always looking for chick with long hair, can play piano and can sing. Where to find? Fellowship choir! Oh, besides that, it really filters out the scums from the good people. Cause scum like me will never go for things like that. So, most of the guys there are good people. And holy people.

Then there's the parent factor. You will never have to worry about your parents objecting to a relationship with people of a different religion. Also, when meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time.

GF's Dad : Scum! Where did you meet my daughter? She is not a piece of trash that you can pick up from the street you know.

You : Yes, uncle I know. I met her in fellowship camp. She was sitting next to me when we were praying to God.

GF's Dad : Wah, you are such a religious boy ar? Good good. Welcome to my house.

You see, if something is done, there's always a fucking reason behind it. For those of you who joined a religious youth fellowship to pray and to get to know more young people who are equally dedicated to God as you are, good on you, my apologies for offending you and your fellowship, and may God Bless You. For the rest of you scum, stop lying and join the scum club.

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