Friday, June 04, 2004

rojak blog

This blog is sort of a rojak blog, you know, everything in everywhere and all over the place. Thats cause I am sitting in a damn cybercafe which is a big Internet cafe chain, but the keyboards are a bit fucked up. Just as hard and stiff like a *ahem* joystick you know. Stupid place.

Anyways, I have lots of mails to read and lots of nightclubs to check out. But updates from London:

1) Thank you to my friend Eurydice who was nice enough to take me around London today. She came down to see her friend, who was not very free today, so I walked around town with her. Very nice companion, only that she can't cross the damn road for fucks. She nearly killed me three five times. She reaches the junction, and walks across without looking out for cars. Once, I observed, she walked across the road without hesitation, and once in the middle of the road only did she turn her head to look at a van which was heading stright for her. Even then, she still waltzed happily across the road.

*Eurydice, I know you are reading this, I will teach you how to cross the road when we get back from London ok? Thank you for being my tour guide though*

2) Had lunch in a Malaysian kopitiam (coffeeshop) in Chinatown. Its then we realised that some Malaysians, even after being here for a while still do have a distinct Malaysian accent. We figured that we can tell whether a person is Malaysian or not, just by listening to a person talk. There was this bunch of people sitting on the table across us. They were not speaking in Manglish (Malaysian English), as it was perfect grammar. But the words they used sounded VERY Malaysian. Like saying, "I've been there adee." (already) Can't provide you with more examples cause its been a fucking long day, and my brain is tired and I have bad memory.

3) Eurydice and I took a cruise down River Thames. On board the boat, I was observing the beautiful surrounding and the enjoying the cool breeze blowing into my one layer T-shirt, making my nipples hard. Eurydice suddenly spoke in Malay to me, asking me to check out the two guys sitting in front of us. She reckoned they were a couple. I was thinking, how the hell would she know? Then upon further inspection, I noticed that they were literally sitting next to each other, like the way you would sit next to the stranger on the bus during peak time. They were leaning against each other and in perfect harmony. I even overheard them speak, and observed a distinct American accent coupled with the stereotype gay tone. Luckily we didn't see them kiss or hug or anything like that. Also, Eurydice mentioned to me that one of them was the "woman" and the other was the "man". I reckoned it was the other way around. We are still at a dilemma over that.

4) As I mentioned earlier, we thought that we could sniff a Malaysian a mile away, first judging by the way they look and dress, and next by the way they speak. Eurydice and I were at the coach station waiting to pick up her friend. I spotted a tourist counter and decided to buy tickets for Madame Tussad's so that I can jump the queue when I get there. The guy at the counter was on the phone talking to someone and told the person on the phone that he would call back. We also noticed he was eating some kind of curry chicken with rice. I asked the relevant questions and then gave him my debit card to pay for the ticket. As he was processing the debit card, he picked up the phone:

CounterGuy : Makcik. Hello. Makcik tau tak recipe untuk nasi ayam. Taruh apa ar?
(Hello auntie. Do you know the recipe for chicken rice? What do you put?)

Eurydice : *looks at me* ??????????

Vincent : *looks at Eurydice* ?????????????????????

CounterGuy : *still processing the transcation* Oohh...Tu la. Patutla saya punya rasa tak sama.
(Oh, that's why mine doesn't taste the same)

Eurydice : *Takes a brocheure and covers her face while trying not to laugh out loud*

Vincent : *Grins like a 10 year old who discovers the educational joy of the Internet*

CounterGuy : *still on the phone. Presses the mouthpiece* Ok. Here's your ticket. Thank you.

Vincent : Terima Kasih.
(Thank you)

CounterGuy : *shocked look. Smilling* Terima Kasih.

***No shits. He did talk about nasi ayam. He did not look Malaysian and certainly did not sound Malaysian. Wrong theory then.

Greetings for London everybody!

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