Thursday, June 03, 2004

time out

After one whole year of *ahem* studying, I need a break.

I'll be going down to London in the morning, and ALONE too. Not to meet up with friends, but to go sightseeing which I haven't really done. Usually, when I go down to London, I meet up with friends and they take me places like Chinatown to eat and Soho to go see stripshows (ermm...). This time, I am determined to go touristy stuffs - I repeat again, ALONE.

Sad? No. Time alone is good for health. It keeps you mentally sound. Besides, I get to do cool stuffs which not many people appreciate. Stuffs like going to the Planetarium, the damn zoo (I haven't been to a bloody zoo since I was in Form 1) and the Science Centre (dunno whether they have a Science Centre actually..hehe).

No blogs for a few days?

Maybe. But I can't really live without the Net, will probably find a cybercafe somewhere and will blog when I can.


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