Monday, June 07, 2004

trip to the zoo

Events Report

Last Saturday, I went to London Zoo. It was a nice day. I went to the zoo at 10am. But it had not opened yet, so I had to wait. I went alone because my mummy and daddy were not around to take me.

In the zoo, I saw many animals. There were monkeys, giraffe, snakes, lions, tigers and many more. The monkeys like to jump around in their cage. The snakes are lazy. They sit in their box and don't move much. I also saw a giraffe with a very long neck. It was eating leaves from the top of the tree. Lions roar a lot too. There was also a big red cow, but didn't hear him say "Moo Moo"

Around lunch time, I ate fish n chips while watching a bird show. The zoo person was showing people how eagles and owls and catch food. Luckily the eagle didn't see my fish and chips otherwise I would have to punch him for stealing my food. I also saw a show about the clever animals like the parrot.

I had a nice time, but was very tired from walking all around the place. It was a nice trip. i wish to go there again next time.

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