Tuesday, July 06, 2004

dumb bitch

We have always had dogs in our house since I can remember. In the past, our dogs, or bitches if you may were quite smart asses. Kinda like their owner, you know. All of them paria (mixed breed) dogs given by people. And all those dogs guarded my house very well indeed.

My first two dogs which had already existed long before I was born were probably the smartest and the best. One of them, the bitch was a typical stray dog. Everytime before we fed her, the bitch would sniff the food like as though to check whether we poisoned her. And typical to her stray nature, sometimes she managed to run away from home, most of the time digging a hole under the fence and escaping by crawling out the drain. Quite a smart bitch. And once she was out of the house compound, we could not find her for 2 or 3 days, even when my dad drove around the neighbourhood looking for her. When she was content with shagging enough of the other stray dogs, then she came back to our house. What she ate and drank in those 2 or 3 days, I have no fucking idea.

Like humans, I always felt that a smart dog is a creature which learns things themselves. Creatures which could survive if you threw them into adverse conditions. Those pretty dogs you see in dog shows can jump through hoops for you and can fetch a bone for you are actually quite stupid animals. Why on earth would the dog go fetch a piece of stick for you if he can't even eat it? Just because you taught him to fetch it? Thats just being sohai, quite like many kids these days, but thats besides the point. I mean, those so called smart assed dogs, are not actually dogs, they are parasites. Cause if you throw them on the street for one day, they just drop dead.

There are a lot of smart stories about my many dogs which I had previously. All smart asses. Therefore, when we sometimes hear that a dog is stupid as it likes to chase its tail, I never believe any of it. Cause I have had fucking many dogs, and none of them had done that before.

There's this pretty young stray dog we got around 2 years ago. Her bitch of a mother went around some neighbourhood fucking around, probably engaging in many orgies, and did not use protection. Needless to say, she got pregnant. So a family friend gave us one of the puppies. I am not going to tell you her name, cause it sounds gay. Although in my defence, my sister chose the name.

I barely had this dog for more than 4 months before I left for the UK. So I haven't really had time to spend with this bitch. Just yesterday, I experience something I had never seen before. The bitch was wagging her tail furiously. Just then, she happened to look behind her and gave a loud bark. Then it started, she fucking ran around in circles chasing her fucking tail!! Obviously she couldn't fucking catch it, but she kept running around and around until she got dizzy. Cause she lay down on the floor for a while to gain composure.

Two minutes later, she was back on her feet and chasing that fly swatter again! It was like watching Discovery Channel. My mum, who has had a dog ever since she was young said that she never encountered this, until we got this dog. Damn. What a fucking stupid dog.

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