Wednesday, July 28, 2004

the great big golfing scam

You ever seen a kid play golf?

Those 5 or 6 year old kids in the golf course. Complete with golfing apparatus and dressed like Tiger Woods too, playing every Saturday and Sunday morning with full grown adults.

You know what that is called? A scam. A lie. A puppet show. You know why? Cause those kids, they don't actually love to play the game. Its cause they were forced by their parents to play the game. Maybe the fell in love with it in the end, but I would gladly wager that it was a means by typical kiasu parents to show off.

"See, my son plays golf."

"My son, he is quite good at golf. He played since 4 years old you know."

"Look at my boy. Golf at such a young age. He must have some class."

Ok, let me explain.

Think back boys and girls, when did you first start playing a sport? As in seriously play a sport. Like football, badminton, stuffs like that. Standard 2? Standard 3? Maybe even later. The early years of childhood was mostly spent playing "Police and Thief", skipping rope and stuffs like that. Not really a sport. more like games.

Why? Cause people, or rather, kids in general play games that their friends play. Think about it. Everytime you played "pepsi cola" or "police and thief" during break time, EVERYBODY played. The sad little kid who didn't play was automatically the outcast. The kid with no friends. Those are the dynamics of the kiddy world.

So, if you consider a kid in Standard 1 or 2, how many of his friends do you think play golf? Therefore, there isn't much of influence present. And in kiddy world, no influence = no interest. So, I hardly believe that a 7 year old kid would walk up to his father one day and say, "Dad, buy me some golf clubs, I really want to play."

Another possible way that a kid could have garnered interest is by watching TV. I started playing badminton after watching Malaysia win the Thomas Cup in 1992. But then again, badminton is an exciting game to watch. Same for football. Golf, on the other hand is a game which really cannot be appreciated by someone who has never played the game before. Only after you start playing, then will you learn to enjoy watching it. So again, the kid certainly would have preferred watching Powerpuff Girls than watching a bunch of guys hit a ball on a barren wasteland like St. Andrews.

So there we go. Kids don't like golf like they like sweets or chocolate. They like it cause their fathers shoved a titanium stick in their hand and asked them to like it. Why? All cause some parents really really want face.

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