Tuesday, July 27, 2004

hardworking slugs


The most low-life of all creatures. When I think of a slug, I somehow think of a snail, minus off the shell. Useless. A menace. A bane. A waste of our preious oxygen. A contributor to global warming.

Now, how are slugs hardworking? They are not hardworking. Just a show-off.

I was sitting on the LRT (public transport) this morning. There were a lot of college students on it going for classes I reckon. The thing is, most of them were trying to read some of their notes. On the train. On the way to class.

Look, I am also a student. While it is good to read up stuffs before class (although I never do), stuffs like those are meant to be read the night before. And usually harworking people do their homework about the next lesson. So, theres only one explanation. If you are hardworking, you would have done it already, the week before or the night before, certainly not on the train. Working on the train is a last minute job, and hardworking people certainly don't do things like that.

Secondly, I also need to study. And how the fuck do you study on a train, I have no idea. Nothing goes in. Its noisy. The train vibrates. You get dizzy when you read. There isn't a proper table to put your book. In other words, its impossible to really study much on the train.

Next, on my return journey, I encountered the same situation again. This time, it was school kids who had just finished classes. There was this one dude who was sitting opposite me. He tried to do some maths sums on his lap. He did ONE sum, then figured that he won't be able to do much work. He folded up his file and took a nap.

Whats the point of all this you ask??

Well, I hate scum like these. These guys aren't studying. We already established that fact. I bet they do the same everyday after school. Do one sum on the train then go and sleep. They are pretending to be hardworking. So that people on the train look at them as studious hardworking students. Its all a farce I tell you. A show. A stage play.

Bah. I'll tell you about another stage play tomorrow.

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