Monday, July 05, 2004

i saw a chick

She was a sight to behold from the moment I first laid my eyes on her. The most perfect of God's creations, a real work of art. And there she was, right in front of my eyes. Standing there for my eyes to photograph her image into my memory. My brain and all its fantasies were working overtime. For the first time in a fucking long time, my usually noisy mouth was left speechless -- her beauty had left me, and left everybody aroud her stunned beyond words.

Basking in the sun, her snow white skin looked a pale yellow with a hint of a soft smooth complexion making her cute and cuddly. I wanted to run my fingers through her, just like you would do to a puppy or a silk shirt you bought. I held back. I didn't know how she would accept it. She was a beauty. But she was young. It would be wrong.

Her round, black beady eyes stared at me seductively. I looked straight into them, hypnotised by her glare. It was like staring into a dark mysterious cave, wondering what lay beyond that. Her nose was straight and pointy, cute and stubby. She didn't smile much though, it might have been a flaw or quite simply her arrogance knowing that she was the centre of attention among the males. Gosh, I just love chicks with an attitude.

Her legs were like no other. They were short, but long for a chick her size. They were straight and perfectly proportioned. You could tell that those legs would grow beautiful in time. Her breasts had already developed and she strut around with an air of confidence of having a full fronted asset like that. She marched around the area with her chest out and chin up like a beautiful model doing the catwalk. Such elegance was nothing unexpected from someone so breathtaking. Her cute, firm ass swayed from side to side as she floated aimlessly towards me.

This was it. She was heading towards me. I glanced to the side and saw a chap beside me. No contest. I would win. She would choose me. Just to be sure, I threw a second glance behind my shoulder to see an old lady with her grandson. I knew then, there would be no holding back. She chose me. The moment I had been waiting for all afternoon had presented itself to me.

I swept her off her feet and held her in my hands. Brushing against her with my fingertips, running my fingers through her hair. Her eyes were gorgeous when I stared into them. She returned the favour. As I put a finger between her legs, and another finger stroking her breast, she gave a sigh of appreciation. I was in Cloud Nine. I could have done this all day. She seemed happy. I was over the fucking moon.

The time came when we had to part. Her mum had come looking for her. And while my chick looked like an angel sent from the heavens, her mum was an absolute bitch whom I didn't want to mess with. So, as we parted, and held her in my hands for one last time, I took a picture of her. A picture which I would cherish. A picture which would be pinned up in my room to stare at all day contemplating her God sent beauty.

Just look at her :

*Did anybody seriously think that I was talking about a girl? I am not fucking crazy ok*

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