Saturday, July 24, 2004

innocent cunt

From today's Star newspaper:

Hawker to change wordings on "controversial" advertisement

PENANG: Hawker Will Goh, who got into hot water with the law over banners promoting his skewered rojak, will be amending the wordings of advertisements for his stall. 

The advertisements, which now read Perempuan Mesti Mahu Batang Rojak, will have the word Lelaki inserted so that they will read Perempuan/Lelaki Mesti Mahu Batang Rojak, to denote that men, too, would savour the skewered fruit potpourri. 

However, Goh, 49, said he will only make the amendment to the sign on his stall as all five banners put up earlier had been taken down.

He claimed he had not meant to be crude when he put up the advertisements as he had learnt in business seminars that every advertisement must have a title or slogan that is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. 

“I feel that women like rojak more than men and the words batang rojak, merely describe that the rojak is skewered on the lili,” he said. 

Goh and his business partner, Alex Ghee, 51, called a press conference yesterday after their advertising caper for their new stall offended a woman teacher, who lodged a police report against them. 

The allegedly offensive banners were put up in Lebuh Macallum, Jalan Anson, Weld Quay, Jalan Jelutong and Jalan Gurdwara to publicise the new stall. 

Goh said he decided to set up a stall to sell rojak sticks when he saw the stream of customers at similar stalls in Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam. 

When contacted, state police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Othman Talib said they would be lenient with Goh as long as he heeded the police advice. 

“Goh also explained to us that the wordings on the banners were merely a business gimmick to attract customers without any malice,” he added.  

Some people should really learn to get a fucking life.

1) I actually laughed when I saw the picture of the fat man eating the satay.
2) I thought it was pretty ingenius.
3) Anybody offended by that should really get their heads checked.

But then again. My principle has always been simple. I tell a joke. It maybe sick or dirty or disgusting. If you don't uderstand the joke, then I really don't have a problem. But I get really pissed off if someone understands it and scolds me about it. What the fuck? If you understand something that means you are just as sick/dirty/disgusting.

So, the dumb bitch teacher who got "offended" should really ask herself, what so offensive about the guy advertising that women like to eat the satay more than the men? Maybe he recorded his sales and found that more women bought those satays than men. Well, we all know thats not the case, but there are really two ways to look at it. Look at it the clean way, and there would be nothing wrong with it. Look at it the dirty way, means you are just as dirty, so who the fuck is to say that it is offensive?

Michaelooi is right. These women like to act innocent, as pure as an unused sanitary napkin. But actually just as corrupt minded as everybody else.

Chaocheebai. Stupid cunt. I pity the fat man.

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