Sunday, July 04, 2004

japanese dick festival

"Welcome to dick festival! Our network screwed up big time and did't get me a matching microphone to match the dicks in the background as well as my dickface and my pubic hair which is growing on my head. But it did get me a fucking long microphone though"

"Haissh...if only your dad could match up to this"

"Man....this sure is one fucking heavy Royal Dick"

"I represent the Kingdom of Lan Jiao! I demand that your troops surrender or face the wrath of our dicks!"

"With this sacrifice to King Dick, I hope my husband will be granted with a dick the size of my sacrifice"

"I' ve got a sinus problem. My nose keeps leaking fluids when I see some chicks."

"Sing-a-long! We are olddd...We are hornyyyy...but we have dicks that won't stand...we need to present this sacrifice because Viagra is expensive.." (Alright, it doesn't fucking rhyme. So what?)

Thanks to Andrew for this website. Check it out for more pictures. And any knowledgable souls want to tell me more about this festival?

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