Friday, July 02, 2004

jaring rocks my world

Jaring was one of the first few Internet Service Providers in Malaysia. In fact, I think it was the first. It had a cool name and everything. 'Jaring'in Malay means net. Which of course is short for Internet. However, a lot of housewives who had never heard of the Internet when it first came out thought that Jaring was a fisherman's net.

In the 8 or 9 years since I first started using the Internet, I have been getting more and more pissed off. What you don't have, you don't miss. Back then, I was content with a 28kbps modem. No complains. After a while, when a 56kbps modem was out in the market, I started using that.

Very soon, I got into college and then into uni. In university accomodation, I was using a T1 line with a speed of 100Mbps. And I was fucking pleased with that! Then, when I moved out to a house in UK, my housemates and I shared a broadband line with a speed of 1Mbps. That was good enough for me.

Now that I am back here for holidays, I am stuck with a fucked up 56kbps line which keeps disconnecting me.

Hehehe. As I am typing this, my brother is watching a dumb fuck game show on Astro Ria. So, I am going to change the topic of this article mid-way.

The show was in Malay, but I am going to translate it direct to English cause I am feeling lazy.

Host : Which city is the most highly populated city in China?

Dumbfuck #1 : Beijing

Host : Wrong. (but fair enough, good try)

Dumbfuck #2 : Hanoi

Host : Huh?? Wrong!

Dumbfuck #3 : Chiangmai

Host : WTF??? Sohai ar you? Wrong!

Dumbfuck #1 : Cape Town

Host : You guys are a bunch of fucking retards, do you know?

[Ok, I made up the comments of the host, but thats probably what he was thinking]

To end the misery of some of you, whom I know this is killing. Hanoi is in Vietnam. Chiangmai is in Thailand and Cape Town is in South Africa!

If you are so retardedly stupid, don't waste your time to go on game shows ok.

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