Thursday, July 15, 2004

job application gone wrong

I'll be fucked!

On my Friendster bulletin board quite some time ago. Its existance was brought to my attention just today:

Since I am such a semi-nice guy (semi cause a nice guy would have politely told the dude his mistake and offered him a shoulder to cry on -- obviously there is no fucking way in hell I am going to do that), I have taken the liberty of sparing my friend from further embarassment by blurring out his name and the girl's name.

So, as a lesson to other, erm, not so clever people:

1) You can send PERSONAL messages to your friends. No need to paste it on the bulletin board for everybody to see.

2) That is not the way to apply for the post of boyfriend.

3) Those applications are usually done by verbal applications and subsequent verbal interviews.

4) If any, written applications are written in a better way, like how you would write a job CV.

5) Using words like "eh", "leh" & "bbyez" is damn fucking potong steam ok.

6) When applying for a job, never tell your boss that you are applying cause you have "nothing to do". It makes the job seem like a stepping stone.

7) Asking your would be employer to "remember" to reply your application is dangerous.

Moral of the story : Horny guys are stupid. Cause all the blood flows to the dick, thus leaving insufficient blood to the brain.

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