Friday, July 09, 2004

rampant rabbit

**Scroll down slowly**

Hahaha. Fuck. On the back page of today's Star newspaper:

Ok what's wrong with that? Nothing really. The guy, Javier Saviola is nicknamed the "rabbit" cause of his distinctive two front teeth which resembles Bugs Bunny.

However, those dudes at the Star are clearly not knowledgable enough in some matters. Cause a Rampant Rabbit isn't a football player. Still don't understand? Well, here's a picture of a REAL Rampant Rabbit:

More info, in case some of you wanna buy it (I am not here to judge you), can be found here. Although, if looking at the picture, and you didn't already know what it is, then I think you should really be surfing this website.

**Oh, if you opened the first website in the office, and your boss happened to walk past, sorry dude. You really shouldn't be reading blogs in your office. Haha.**

no swearing boss

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