Saturday, July 31, 2004

stupid muggles

Squeezing whatever free time I had over the last one week, I have got myself reading a few of my brother's books. So, I started off by reading the first Harry Potter book. Having watched the movie, I was impressed. Admittedly far more impressed than I expected.

The words were kept simple. The story was indeed very intruiging as I really had to tear myself away from the book and do other things. The same could be said of the second and third books. Short and simple. That's how its supposed to be. After all, isn't Harry Potter a child's storybook?

However, banking on the success of her first 3 books, the damn mudblood writer got greedy. She wanted to appeal to adults too. And so, she wrote the forth book, which is about 3 inches thick. A child's book 3 inches thick??!?!

After spending 2 days on that book, and just now 4 straight hours finishing it, I have come to a conclusion : this ain't a fucking kid's storybook!

Here's why :

1) No kid's book is more than one inch thick.

2) Nobody is supposed to die in a kid's book. Think Snow White & the 7 horny dwarves.

3) No children storybook should end like that. I imagine a lot of 6 year old kids went to bed crying.

4) Of course, that depends on whether they could read it themselves.

5) That damn muggle writer even described as some dumb fat fuck bad ass wizard cut off his own hand to dump it into a bowl of soup.

6) I was waiting for Harry to go start shagging that girl with the weird name. Stupid muggle can't even give Asians proper names.

**If you dunno what a muggle is...or a mudblood......................never mind, I need to go read the 5th book.

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