Monday, July 12, 2004

well-informed kid

Tomcat told me this story yesterday. He was with his girlfriend (Pussycat) and her 9 year old brother, Pokemon.

Tomcat : I feel horny.

Pussycat : Me too.

Tomcat : Let's have sex.

Pussycat : But my brother is here.

Tomcat : Fuck it. Give him a sweet and ask him to go watch Sesame Street.

Pussycat & Tomcat : *starts the beautiful process of fornication with Pokemon in the other room*

Ok, I made that up. I don't befriend horny people. But for argument's sake, lets just say I do, but they won't tell me stuffs like that.

Suddenly, Pokemon starts screaming, like most 9 year old kids who start screaming at random.

Pokemon : Sperm! Sperm!

Tomcat : WTF??!??!?

Pussycat : WTF?!?!?!?

Pokemon : Sperm! Sperm!

Tomcat : *laughs until a few drops of urine dilutes the pre-cum which had accumulated at the tip of his dick*

Pokemon : Sperm! Sperm!

Tomcat : Pokemon, what is sperm?

Pokemon : Bird bird water!

Pussycat : Hahaha. I swear I didn't teach him that. Hahaha.

Tomcat : *laughs until even more drops of urine totally washes off the pre-c wets his pants*

Kids these days. Some of them are quite stupid. Others are just way ahead of the pack. *Shakes head in disbelieve*

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