Monday, August 23, 2004

big dillema

*sensitive post, so if you are one of those cow who are a waste of Earth's oxygen, well fuck off*

Been watching too much of the Olympics. When I was watching the women's artistic gymnastics, an interesting question popped into my mind. Well, not exaclty popped, its cause my body is special, all the body parts can seem to talk to my brain and I can hear everything they are saying. How? Thats a different question.

The question in question here is, "Would you want to fuck a gymnast?"

Then that leads to another question, "Which species are you? Do you prefer English breakfast or English Tea?" If you like English breakfast, that means you probably like sausages and eggs while you might find milk jugs a bit more to your taste if you like English tea.

Back to the original question. Firstly, examining the easy stuffs first. Women, should want to fuck male gymnasts. Although I am not too sure, it fits all perfect description. Male gymnasts are fucking fit. How the bloody hell do they support their whole body weight with their arms outstretched? Watch the Rings event and you'll find out what I am talking about. I reckon, their muscles (like mine) are nicely balanced. Just the right amount and also not too much so they don't look like a freak. Plus they are bound to have perfect stamina. Again, another plus point. Can't think of a downside. Though that's probably because I am not a women, they can find fault with almost anything, see.

But the fun part starts now. Would a guy like to screw around with a female gymnast. At first thought, cool. Why not? Andreaa Raducan was quite chune. Svetlana Khorkina was a Playboy centrefold. Plus they wear all those body hugging attires which makes them look even more sexy. Think also about flexibility. They can perform splits with just a blink of an eye. How fucking convenient is that? Especially for dudes with short dicks. Besides, you could also try almost any move in the Karma Sutra then eh?

Then again, it got me thinking. Their body clenching suits which made them look sexy also pointed out one very obvious fact. Most of them don't really have mountanious boobs. Cause otherwise they won't be able to jump around and fly around so easy. Some of them, you can only see practically a small ant hill. And thats a big potong steam for a night recreation partner.

Some of them have pretty faces, while others don't. That happens. Don't bitch. Cover the base and fire the base. The issue is whether they are fuckable or not. Nobody asked whether they would be good for a snog in front of your friends.

And the same issue with the muscles. Have you ever imagined how much fucking muscles they have? I've never seen it, although the legs I have had the unfortunate experience looking at them. Why? Cause for such small petite girls, the muscles on their feet are almost as big as mine. And that's damn scary. Anybody watched James Bond's Goldeneye? Theres a bad chick villian in that movie. She's fucking hot, and a lot of people have sex with her. Problem is, she kills them after sex -- with her legs.

How? She gets them to eat her snatch, and then clenches their neck in her thigh, and while she is having fun, she twists her thighs a bit and breaks their neck. Sounds easy right? Yeah, that's cause I was bullcrapping. In fact, she killed those buggers by crushing their waists in between her thighs. They can't breathe -- and die. Same thing. Those female gymnast probably have muscles big enough to suffocate a pregnant buffalo, don't bloody mess with them, and especially do not make the mistake of moaning some other chick's name. Not to mention that muscles on women are damn potong steam as well.

Shit I still can't decide. Small boobs vs great flexibility. Small stomach and a nice ass versus big bulging muscles? Pros just seem too great, but the cons are equally as strong. Someone help!

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