Thursday, August 26, 2004

bimbo, part 296


I really lost count on how many times I have blogged about these bimbos. The last one, the fatty was nicely slammed, and rightly so. Still, she did a great service to me by diverting a lot of horny guys from google to my site.

There's a new one now. Nice name. Not as posh wannabe as the last one. There's an article about her in today's Star Section Two. You can read it here. Although, I advice you not to waste your time. Better off using that time to go do stuffs like charity work, you know, teaching kids stuffs like how to many paper planes, what a clitoris is....stuffs like that. You get the idea.

Reading that article, she didn't seem too much of a bimbo to me. EXCEPT for this :

The sneaky part of me ventured to ask the big question: is Gloria Ting single? There was a customary pause before she grinned bashfully and nodded. Well, there you go, guys.

“My ideal guy? He doesn’t have to be good-looking,” she volunteered.

Seriously, looks do not matter? She convinced me by saying: “I have gone out with some really ‘all-right-looking’ guys before and, trust me, it doesn’t really matter.

“Hopefully, my guy will be understanding and is perfectly compatible with me, somewhat of a best friend. Oh yes, and he has to be able to pamper me 24/7,” Ting declared with aplomb (that’s “24 hours a day, seven days a week”). She, however, disagreed passionately when I suggested that she may be pretty high-maintenance.

“No, I am not high maintenance at all!” she exclaimed with humorous incredulity.
Ah, cool. Cause wanting a dude to pamper you 24/7 ain't high maintenance at all. Nope, not just a wee bit. Leng lui ar...why you wanna go shoot yourself in the foot for?

**Er....actually, not very leng lui

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