Thursday, August 19, 2004


This blogging business has been slow over the last few days. I went to Redang ( a damn bloody nice island off the coast of Terengganu) on Tuesday. I was supposed to come back on Thursday.

However, on Tuesday itself, after a session of snorkelling and swimming with the fishes, I got a call from KL. My paternal grandmother had passed away and I needed to drag my ass back to KL.

I am quite relieved she's gone now. Its been 10 years since she had Alzheimer's disease, 5 years since she's been bedridden, and 3 years since she's lost her speech. And over the last one year, she has been in and out of the hospital as frequently as the ambulance. No more suffering now. She has had her life. I myself feel happy that I spent enough time with her when I was a kid, and over the last few years as well. So, I am actually glad that the suffering is over. Not a single drop of tear yet. But then again, that might be due to the fact that my heart is kinda icy.

Besides, I always believe that if you love a person, show it when they are alive or ill, not when they are lying in the coffin or 6 feet under.

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