Sunday, August 29, 2004

cry babies

I turned on the TV this morning to watch the Olympics. I must pressed the wrong button on the Astro remote control cause the screen was showing a bunch of housewives crying their eyes out. Probably at some kinda funeral to mourn the death of a goldfish or something.

Then, I realised something really wrong. Those housewives were wearing red. Now, I thought, who the hell wears red to a funeral? In the background, a lot of people were shouting and waving red banners. But they seemed to be jumping up and down -- sort of in jubilation. Weird, I thought. Maybe bad assed motherfucker died so people were celebrating.

Then, the camera shot changed angle, and I saw a fishing net hung upon two poles. Whats a fishing net doing in a funeral? Finally it hit me. I was on the right channel. Those housewives were apparently Chinese volleyball players. They had me fooled there. The captain really looked like my old Chinese Ah-Soh (maid). The others were screaming and crying uncontrollably. It seems, those housewives had just won the gold meddle in volleyball.

Which brought me thinking. Why the fuck are they crying as if their cat, dog, turtle, goat and cow had died on the same day? Those screams didn't sound like screams of fright, didn't sound like screams of sex. They actually sounded like somebody whose tits were being poked by elephant's tusks.

Ok, ok. Try to be a bit more sensitive here Vincent. Those buggers are happy. They just came back from being 2 sets down to win 3-2. Its their first gold meddle. They have every right to be happy. But still, don't need to cry so much?

Then it got me thinking to the other day's women basketball finals. That was something I cannot forget. Those yankees won the game and the gold. There was this woman, the veteran of the squad, who was in the team which won the Olympics 8 years ago in Atlanta, and 4 years ago in Sydney. So that would have been her 3rd gold meddle. Plus, the US had won it easily 2 minutes before the end of the game (In basketball, 2 minutes is a fucking long time).

So why was that skanky cow crying? It was nothing new to her. Maybe for her teammates, but she has been there and done that. What the hell? Must have been crying for fun to show the TV cameras that she is a healthy normal human being who can produce tears.

Damn. Thats just stupid.

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