Sunday, August 01, 2004


After one month of watching them from a distance.

After one month of plucking up the courage.

After one month of watching in anguish as they zoomed past happily.

After one month of strategic planning.

I finally did it today. I finally found my balls which had hidden in my guts. I finally stood up for my rights.

The rights to walk in a shopping centre without irritating small fucks zooming past me with shoes that have wheels at the bottom.

A group of them, little rascals zoomed past me with those Heelys. I ACCIDENTALLY dropped a plastic bag beside me. The fat kid behind couldn't stop to aviod the bag. He tried to jump over it. I reckoned he watched too much X-Games on TV.

He jumped over the bag, and landed on his heels. Obviously, the shoe won't stop moving, he skidded through the polished marble floor, and came to a halt by colliding with his fellow wheeled kids. The all fell like a stack of dominos until they hit the tall skinny dude with a ponytail who was leading the pack.

Ponytail kid lost his balance and fell down the stairs, breaking a few teeth in the process. His face was bloody and everything. Blood was gushing from his already broken nose. His parents, seeing the problem, rushed to him, smacked him until he stopped crying and said, "See that's why we told you not to buy a pair of stupid wheel shoes that cost RM550. Tai leh sei!"

The other kids, seeing the aftermath of destruction, took off all their shoes with wheels, and threw them into the dustbin, swearing not to wear stupid accessories anymore.

At the corner of their eyes, if they had looked, they would have seen me grinning happily to myself. Just as I was about the saviour the moment, I heard the dog barking. "What the fuck?" I thought. How the fuck did a dog get into the shopping centre?

Then, it hit me. Like a brick hitting me on the head. Like the marble floor hitting the kid in the teeth. I was lying in my bed. Fuck. It was just a fucking stupid dream I had last night.

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