Friday, August 20, 2004

grandma's legacy

My grandma was different. Not the average type of old lady you see on the streets. She didn't know how to tell me children's stories, and although she could very well read, she never did read to me when I was a kid.

In fact, on the rare occasion that I bugged her for a story, she would try to tell me stories of Sleeping Beauty and crap like that, but often mixed up Sleeping Beauty for Snow White and the 7 Perverts Dwarves. In her stories, Sleeping Beauty had a stepmother who had a mirror. Stuffs like that. Although, it wasn't due to her mixing it up on purpose, it was due to her having a bad memory of stuffs.

Which was why, when she developed Alzheimer's Disease, nobody understood it. Back then, even many doctors didn't hear about it. We used to get irritated when she repeatedly asked the date and the day. Also, she could never remember whether she took her medicine and would constantly berate everybody around for not giving her her medicine.

It was a time when nobody knew what the problem was. The only excuse was, " Let it be. She's old. Old people are like that." Even when playing her favourite mahjong game, she would curse non-stop when she lost. Again, nobody knew what the fuck Alzheimer's Disease was.

Until it was too late. She had a fall and the doctors had to operate her to put in a titanium socket in her knee. After she came out of the operation, probably due to the GA, she was never the same. She forgot a lot of things, and the worse was she forgot how to walk. It detiorirated from there. From being perfectly healthy, to having a walking frame, and then to a wheelchair, and then finally bedridden. After a while, she lost her speech. Which meant that she was doing nothing all day besides sleep and eat. So I am not at all sad that she's ended her suffering.

My point is, Alzheimer's Disease is damn bloody common. So don't ride off your old people saying, "They are old. Its like that." My friend a few years ago was poking fun at his grandma. He came back from school and saw that his grandma had hug all the clothes on a fucking high pole on the roof of the house. When he asked her why she did that, she said it was so that the clothes would be closer to the sun and would dry faster. Fuck, thats a funny story for people hearing it, but thats a sign of AD.

My best memory of my grandma was her teaching me "gambling". It is actually something I am damn proud of. Like I said, she never taught me any nursery rhymes or shit like that. She actually taught me useful stuffs. I learned how to play blackjack, gin rummy and mahjong when I was 5 years old. Yeah, FIVE years old. When my mum scolded her for that, she claimed she was teaching me maths.

Damn I would say those were damn good lessons. Cause out of those, a legacy till this day, I am quite fucking good and maths. And more importantly, I usually make the most money on the mahjong table every Chinese New Year.

*mahjong = a type of gambling game played with tiles, popular among the Chinese.

wish my grandma had live tat long... nvr seen my grandma before...

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