Thursday, August 26, 2004


Everybody seems to be talking about Merdeka. Fly the flags and all that shits. Someone please fucking tell me how patriotism is shown by flying a flag on my car? In actual sense, its a fucking disrespect to the flag. Flags belong on flag poles, should not be exposed to rain, and should not touch the ground. So, the dumb fuck liar of a politician who asked you to fly a flag on your car, should be shot, hung and castrated.

Speaking of which, the independance of this country and other any other country for that matter is due to a few people -- the leaders that is, the leaders of this country who fought for independance, and the subsequent leaders who maintained sovereignty (don't bitch if spelling is wrong, I don't own a dicktionary). Not just the leader (top guy), but a group of leaders.

Which leads me to a popular debate topic, shits that we learn in management school under Organisational Behaviour.

Are leaders born or made?

Popular theories by some experts and popular believe is that leaders are made, moulded by their upbringing when they were young, and cemented into place through experience.

I say, bullcrap. While it takes some making, leaders are born. For instance, when you were a kid, there was surely a playgroup you belonged to. In your neighbourhood, in your kindergarten, and in your school. Think. There was always this one kid who took charge. There was always this one kid who decided where to go, which girl they should throw stones at, which cat to kick. That itself is already a leader. With an instinct straight from an early age, with no tutoring, surely that is a born leader?

As an ex-scout troopleader and still damn bloody active in my old troop, I have seen leaders have come and go. Some were trained by me personally. Personally, I have never had a senior to train me. Cause my seniors sucked. They had a fight or some shits like that with their seniors and the whole batch of them quit. Myself as a raw unexposed dude was forced to take charge of a whole bloody troop. It might have been circumstances in which I taught myself basic leadership qualities, I dunno.

My logic had always been -- I taught myself all those stuffs and I got along fine. Camps I organised had gone without problems (albeit the first one). How is it that others, who had others to teach them could not perform as well?

I certainly do not believe that leadership is something that can be taught. Theories can be learned, but application in itself is something inborn. It is an instinct that cannot be learned in any classroom in any university in the world. If it can truly be learned, why then is it that there are successful managers as well as failures?

*Of course, leadership is much simpler when you have big boobs and a nice cleavage, and everybody listens to you*
*I don't have big boobs or a nice cleavage*

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