Wednesday, August 11, 2004

me back

Ah fuck.

Its been a great 10 days of camping. Of leeches and sandflies, of mud and sea water, of cuts and bruises, of broken fingernails and shattered morale, of success and joy, of bullshit and monkeyshit.

But I have been cut off the outside world.

I did not know of the buggers who had sex in the Kancil.

I did not know the football score over the weekend.

I did not know who won the Asian Cup.

I did not know that our neighbours have changed PM and invented a fucking stupid post -- What the fuck is a "Minister Mentor"??

Most importantly, I totally forgot how to type on a keyboard. No shits. I could speed type before this. Years of chatting on ICQ have given my fingers the dexterity and the speed required. Suddenly I forgot all that. My fingers are stiff. My index finger fucking hurts, and I am quite damn dead tired.

I' ve gots lots of shit to share, so stay tuned tomorrow.

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