Tuesday, August 31, 2004

patriotism my bleaming ass

I still remember those days when I was a kid. There was no "Keranamu Malaysia" slogan thingy. Our flag didn't have a name. Nobody I knew stuck those mini flags on their car or motorbike. Students never made stuffs like "Malaysia's Longest Flag" or "Country's Flag made of Aluminium Cans". Not that I knew off about anyway.

Suddenly, over the past 6 years, things have changed. The government started to worry that youngsters weren't patriotic enough. They composed a few songs that sounded good so that kids would like it and want to sing it. They created an image of a Malaysia that could be learned by kids -- a perfect Malaysia where everybody is happy and patriotic.

But what is the point of celebrating Merdeka? To appreciate our independence, yes? To appreciate what our leaders of the past did for us in the past, yes? Or maybe for the older generation like my father who was born during the Japanese Occupation. Maybe for people who were there in that stadium that day in 1957. Maybe for people who fought in the wars, or people who were there when the communists terrorised people. Maybe again for people who experienced May 13th. I can understand the joy of those people who have seen Malaysia progress so far since then. But what about the youth -- like me, or like small kids?

I ain't seen no racial fights. I don't know what a building looks like after it was bombed. I don't know anybody who got his head chopped off. Neither has anybody of my generation. So why the happiness? Well, it was supposedly to appreciate all those stuffs which were experienced by the older generations, yes?


Be honest. How many of you knows the full Merdeka story? How many of you knows what exactly happened? It was taught in school alright. But who payed attention during those classes? Besides Tunku Abdul Rahman, does anybody know who else was in the expedition to London to discuss independence?

So if you can't answer those stuffs, then how is it that you appreciate Merdeka?

I heard a lot of bloody bastards bursting fireworks last night. First at 12am. Probably from those street party celebrations. Then again at 1am.


Patriotism my bleaming arse. First, learn to be considerate by not setting off fireworks when half the fucking country is already in bed. Then after that you can learn a few things. After that, then patriotism follows.

We have shown that we have the ability to organise major sporting events, but we can't organise a simple queue in front of a bus or LRT.

We have shown that we have the knowledge to build the then tallest building in the world, but we don't seem to have the knowledge to leave the house EARLY to be PUNCTUAL for an appointment.

We can teach our kids to get straight A's in exams, but we can't seem to teach them not to piss in drains by the roadside.

We have "caring" hearts and are willing to donate money to a sick kid who appeared in the papers, but we tend to "fall asleep" on the bus or LRT when an old man comes around and has no place to sit.

We have been actively involved in motor racing, with Sauber, Lotus, Alex Yoong and all that shits, but when was the last time you drove on a road and not been stressed by some motherfucker cutting queues or beating red lights.

Maybe after all that, then we can learn patriotism.

Don't get me wrong. I love my country. But I also love to hate things about it. I love it because its home. And great food. But that's it. Just read today's papers. Kids these days talk about loving Malaysia for being peaceful and all those stuffs. Our politicians talk about racial tolerence. Petronas advertisements always picture one Malay boy, one Chinese boy, and one Indian boy.

Again. Bull-fucking-shit.

Just go to any public school during their break time. I'll be fucked if you find multi-racial groups. Some, maybe yes. But rare. Mostly, they sit in their gangs, segregated by the colour of their skin. Think about it. In school, how many of your tea-break gangs or lunch gangs consisted of an equal split number of students from each race?

That's why its called racial TOLERANCE. Its just TOLERANCE. Maybe, after we fix that problem with the kids, then we can profess to be something that we are currently not. Maybe then, I can understand the full meaning of patriotism. Maybe then, we don't need constant brainwashing in the media about loving our country. Maybe then, it would come naturally.

man, you sure have problems with patriotism huh...? I mean you really hate it. I hate it too. With all the celebration, it just blows my head off. Wait I don't actually hate it. I just dislike it. It's sooo... what's the word? oh yes, boring. But then, it's not such a bad thing brainwashing ppl just to appreciate our country. Appreciating our country is a good thing. You may think i'm brainwash but i'm not coz' i make my own decision to appreciate or not. Nobody is forcing. About the gangs/cliques in school... I know that happens in Semenanjung (according to my teachers who ever live there). But here, Sabah, that kind of situation doesn't really happen. We get along with each other. Speaking our Sabahan slang. Even our Semenanjung friends we include. Ofcourse, it's not really that perfect. We have fights sometimes but the anger doesn't last long. We get along pretty well. I don't mean to brag about my state but anyways remember... the choice is in your hands.

If you think this is just a stupid comment... I'm sorry.

Sincerely from my mind and heart.


You were reading something I wrote 3 years ago when I was an angry little kid.

Still, I did not mean it that way. I reckon at that time, I was more pissed with the people who claimed to be patriotic but actually weren't.


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