Friday, August 27, 2004

work yer ass off kiddo

For the past few days, Dexter has been doing nothing but running around the office and making paper planes. Of course, a lot of time had been spent talking to me, cause I am cool, see. Cause I made him a perfect paper plane. When his dad (company's big boss) came in yesterday, he happily told his dad, "Daddy daddy, Vincent kor kor is my good friend. I like him very much. He make me paper plane and paper boat." Cool.

Today, his mum decided to keep him quiet and brought some work for him to do. Smart kid he is, but incredibly lazy. For a 6 year old kid, he is actually quite poor in spelling and reading. And with all kids, if they are bad at something, they don't like it. The kid nearly cried today. Haha.

Which reminded me. I used to be a damn hardworking small kid. I never had any tuition or any shits like that which kids these days are subjected to. But my mum and my sister kept pushing me to work hard in kindergarten and school. Especially cause I was underaged when I went into Standard 1. Everyday after school, my mum would sit next to me and make sure that I finished my homework.

This was always rewarded with TV and sweets and stuffs like that. My sister even made cards for learning aids. This was long before all these new and modern learning techniques had been developed. A trait since I was young was that I hated being wrong. I remember when we did something wrong for schoolwork, we had to do corrections. Had to write out the whole bloody sentence 3 times, or 5 times or even 10 times, depending on how sadistic the teacher was.

And I hated all that crap. Sometimes cried and refused to do it. Then my mum would smack my arse with a damn long rotan or featherduster. That was a pretty good motivational tool I thought.

But all those hardwork payed off. I never had to study for exams and I later discovered by looking at my old report cards that I used to finish among the top in my class. Then, as I grew older, and my mum stopped looking at my work, I got lazy. Haha. I also discovered the joy of copying people's homework. I would go to school early and just borrow some random classmate's book. That was so much easier. I did stuffs that I liked, or when I felt like it. Scum, yes? But can anybody admit that they had NEVER EVER copied other people's homework? But I had to stop copying people's work when I got to university. It was a small matter of plaglarism.

Also, in the past, I used to study for ages before exams. It was a big matter it seemed. Till I finished my PMR and figured out that fucking school exams were a waste of time. So, I only studied for stuffs I needed. I always wanted to be an engineer, so I worked my guts out (not exactly my guts, but well, more effort than the other subjects) to do well in Add Maths and Physics. Didn't really give much of a shit about the rest of the stuffs.

I think thats the way. Why push your kids to read at such an early age? As long as they learn sooner or later, let it be. Its not going to make much of a difference in the future whether your kid learned to read when he was 3 or when he was 7 years old.

I should open a kindergarten next time, don't you think?

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