Wednesday, September 22, 2004

anti social

Two years ago, when I first came to the UK, I stayed in a university hostel. It was there I met many friends, some among my closest till this day. Among them, a guy called George. He was doing his 4th year in engineering. Back then, I was doing my 2nd year of my degree, although it was my first year in the UK. (I did my first year back in KL)

So, technically, back then, I was a fresher. I mixed around freely with other freshers. At meal times, I always noticed him and another guy sitting together, although they didn't seem to be talking much to each other.

Never mind all the mumbo-jumbo after that, but fast forward a few months later, George and I were pretty good friends. But he still refused to talk much to first-years. If possible, he later said, he didn't want to get to know so many people. Young minds not matured enough. Talk too much shit. Waste of time it seems. Back then, I didn't agree with him. I thought that that was quite an anti-social thinking.

Fast forward to today. I am now in George's shoes. I am a fourth year student. Graduating next year. And here, I am surrounded by a bunch of first years in my hostel. 2 years ago, I would have gone around shaking everybody's hand. Now, I really couldn't be fucked. George was right from the start. Freshers ask too fucking many questions. And after a while, its too damn irritating.

I was at the breakfast table this morning eating my cereals and I happened to eavesdrop on a bunch of freshies a few feet away from me. How long is your course? Why you choose to study this? Who? What? When? Why? Where? All these fucking questions.

Yeah, yeah. I am being unreasonable. People want to make friends. Hence the questions. But fuck it, I am not in a very friendly mood. I don't think I want repeat 128 times where I am from, what I am studying, why I chose to study here, how many times I ever had sex, etc. Just couldn't be fucked.

Would I rather sit and eat alone? Actually, yes. Cause after the usual "get-to-know-you" questions, comes the "oh-cool-you-know-it-all" questions. So, what are the lecturers like? How many classes do we have a week? Are the local students friendly? Have you ever encountered rasicm? Oh, fuck you. I never asked my seniors questions like that. Don't make me waste my saliva, will you?

And its quite fucking sad to say, besides having an intellectual level of close to zero, most freshies are, erm, not quite ripe yet. George had earlier explained that it was one of the reasons that he refused to talk to many people. It was cause most of them didn't have their heads fully cooked. In other words, not matured enough. It sounds snobbish, but think about it. How would you like to talk to a 4 year old kid non-stop? After a while, it would get fucking boring.

Like this dude I was talking to two days ago. (or was it yesterday?) I tell him its my final year. He asks me a question about the job system here. I tell him a story. I explain a lot of things to him. But at the end of it, the expression on his face gave me the impression that I was actually teaching a hippo how to fly. To cap it all off, he asked me right at the end, "What kinda job do engineers do?" We fuck people for a living, dude. We make nuclear bombs and fighter jets that blow up those poor sods in underdeveloped countries. Thats what we do, we fuck people up.

Yes, I am quite anti-social these days. I see a familiar face, I talk. But don't ask me to make new friends. Not today. My arse is too bloated to give a shit.


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