Monday, September 27, 2004

ask vincent

Taking the cue from Viewtru, I have decided that we, as bloggers have a moral responsibility to the general public. The Internet is supposed to be an educational tool, not just for kids, but also for adults. I am ashamed that in my 185 posts so far, I have only had 3 educational posts. I called them Vincent's Lessons in Life. That is clearly not enough.

As you can see, on the right panel, I have just added an email address for you to contact. You can use that email address to ask me questions, and I will try to answer you. Questions can be anything at all. Like ask me, why is the sky blue? Or why do most porn movies have specific props, and what do they do with the props after that? Informative stuffs like that you know. I am not saying I have all the answers, but I will humour you to my fullest knowledge.

The first question comes from JY, from Selangor.
He asked, "Do we sweat when we go swimming?"

Well, JY, first we have to understand what sweat is. Mostly, in tropical countries like Malaysia, where the weather is humid, people sweat a lot. That means, as you quite frequently see, while queuing up for the bus, there is bound to be a fat piece of lard around. His shirt can usually be seen to be drenched in sweat. This is because our skin is like a cooling mechanism.

How so? Well, when we feel hot, the skin releases sweat. After a while, when the wind blows or we sit under a fan, the sweat on the surface of our skin evaporates, leaving us with a cool feeling. In other words, sweating is a way for us to cool down. Otherwise, we will die.

So, when we play sports, we usually sweat. It is our body's way of cooling down. I can understand JY's dillema. While sweat can easily be seen drenching our shirts and soiling our underwear after football, you can't really see the effects of sweat in the swimming pool. So, one might be confused whether or not the sweat was actually released by the body and got washed away in the pool.

Actually, unless we are swimming in a big boiling pot of water, we actually would feel cooler when we go swimming. Therefore, you will hardly break a sweat. However, after you get out of the pool, that is a different matter. You might still feel tired and the hot sun around might cause you to sweat.

Of course, if you have a private pool in your house, and use it for purposes other than swimming, then that is really a different matter.


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