Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I remember watching a particular episode of the Simpsons. Lisa Simpson wanted a dancing role in her class play. Unfortunately, she sucks. So, her teacher gave her the job of pulling the curtains on stage. To which she complains because she is treated unfairly and unequally. Wisely, the teacher says:

"Now, now Lisa. You can't expect us to give equal roles to people who are clearly not equal. Cause what's that called now, class?"

To which all the other small kids shout, "Communism!!"

Which brings me to this topic of democracy. Mob culture popularly dictates that democracy is the best policy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a rogue and is in the wrong.

I don't champion it, but sure, its a pretty cool policy. We have the rights to do vote for our leaders and everything. Sounds perfect, yes?


Question is, who should be given the rights to vote? Everybody? No. That is not the case. Children and teenagers are not given the rights to vote. Cause someone came up with the brilliant idea that they are not matured enough and might be easily swayed. Besides, what the fuck do children know, rite?

But then, some other dumb fuck came up with the brilliant idea of bringing democracy to the schooling system. That means, kids get to vote for their head prefect (in some schools), they get to elect the president of whatever society they join, and they get to elect their class monitor. Which totally contradicts the first point does it not?

Children are not allowed to vote in "adult elections" but are allowed to vote in "kiddy elections"? What the fuck kind of hypocrisy is this? Look, take either stand. My stand, kids should be shoved in the corner and made to do nothing, cause thats what kids these days are good for. We have already established the fact that kids can't think for themselves. We have already established the fact that kids are stupid and immature. Thats why they are not allowed to vote to choose their government.

So why the fuck allow them to do that in schools? I am sure everybody has seen their fair share of sohai class monitors, retarded society leaders and shit head prefects. But nooo, the stupid asses teachers and headmaster in school insist -- this is a democracy. We are giving the students a chance to vote for their own leaders. (no matter how fucking incompetant they are). So, in the end, the "smart" guy always gets elected. Or the handsome guy. Same with the cool dude. The guy sitting in the corner with braces wiring his jaw shut doesn't get a chance to show people what he can do.

But hey, its a democracy, is it not? Majority wins. Even though the majority don't know fucking shits. Doesn't matter does it? Majority fucking wins. Let's face it. In any kiddy election, skills don't matter most of the time. Popularity does. In my scout troop, it pisses me to the fucking core when I spot a talent which nobody else spots. Instead, the wanker wins and then everybody who voted for him realises sooner or later that he is a wanker. Well, too fucking late isn't it?

You know who else shouldn't be allowed to vote?

98% of the worlds population. Cause they are not able to think on their own. Its not just kids you know. Most adults can't think on their own. In fact, some kids are better at thinking than them.

Ooooooh, we love the movie actor. Let's make him president. Haha. Look what the fuck happened there. Boooo, we hate him now! Let's throw him in jail!

Oooooh, there's a cool cowboy in town. Let's make him president. Boooo, we hate him now! Let's vote for the other war veteran!

Oooooh, I don't like this president! Let's overthrow him and elect a sick blind man. Boooo, we don't like him now! Let's change another one! Boooo! Lets elect that woman now! Boooo, we don't like her now! Let's elect the general now! Fucking donkeys have been changing presidents more often than hippies change their underwear. (sorry if I got the order messed up. They changed so many so often until even I get confused who came first)

That's where dictatorship is brilliant in a way. If someone's capable enough to garner support to overthrow a stupid government, then he must be a capable dude. Never mind that he kills kids and doesn't support Green Peace's Conserve Our Forest bullshit. How many people are capable of starting a revolution? Never mind if he is an evil bastard. At least he is competant and capable.

Incompetence sucks.

Doesn't it suck when you know you can do things better than that chicken shit who is giving you orders? And you know the only reason the chicken shit got so high up is because some people like him. Because of his father. Or his money. Or his pretty boy face. Or his charm.

Democracy my ass.


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