Thursday, September 16, 2004

the difference is..

Just now I went for an appointment........somewhere. Never mind that. I parked in this open air car park. Parking fee was RM1 per hour. Fair enough, I thought. After parking my car the parking attendant, a young Indian guy gave me my parking ticket. They had no machines to stamp the time and he just wrote it down himself. 11.53am.

I went into the building for my appointment. Ok, ok, it was a whorehouse. I just heard from very reliable sources that they had just imported a few Russian delicacies. Since I am leaving to go back to UK soon, I decided it would be cheaper to try some exquisite Russian cuisine here. My verdict -- it was cheap and good.

My appointment lasted slightly under an hour. Just as I was walking out of the building to the car park, I looked at my watch. Fuck. 12.50pm. I ran all the fucking way to the parking attendant's booth so that I would not have to pay for an extra hour.

I reached there, still panting, I gave him my ticket. He looked at me, looked at his watch and wrote on the ticket 12.54pm.

Parking attendant (PA) : "Two ringgit please"

Vincent : "Two? What time is it?"

PA : "12.54pm. You are one minute late"

Vincent : "Aiyah macha one minute late only what. I had too much fun upstairs you know. The Russian blondie wouldn't let me leave"

PA : Sorry macha. I wrote the time on the ticket already. Too late."

Vincent : Sheepishly hands over RM2.

Which got me thinking. If it wasn't an Indian guy there. This is very stereotypic, but true in most cases. Now, if only the parking attendant was a Chinese guy.

Vincent : Hehe. Tailo. How are you? *Hands over parking ticket*

PA : *Looks at his watch* *Has an evil look at the corner of his eye* *Surpresses a smile*

Vincent : *Innocent look* How much is it?

PA : RM1.50

Vincent : *Understands why and smiles* Ok. Here. *Hands over the money*

PA : Have a nice day.

Vincent : Same to you.

And if it was a Malay guy.

Vincent : Hello. Selamat pagi. *Hands over ticket*

PA : ..........

Vincent : Hello. Selamat pagi. *Hands over ticket*

PA : ........

Vincent : Kanineh! Bangun la! Late already la!

PA : *Sleepy eyes* Huh? Huh?

Vincent : How much to pay?

PA : RM2.

Vincent : WTF? What time is it?

PA : 1pm already.

Vincent : Oi, friend. I reached here 10 minutes ago. But you were fucking sleeping.

PA : Sorry la boss. I wrote on the ticket already. You have to pay RM2.

Vincent : Where's your boss? I wanna complain.

PA : Sorry la. Here, have a cigarette. Its on me.

So, which is the best deal? I don't really know. The Chinese guy's deal was excellent for me. But his boss wouldn't be very happy if he found out what happened. The Malay guy gave me a cigarette. I don't fucking smoke. But at least he gave me something. The Indian guy gave me the crappiest deal, but followed the book. On the other hand, you could call him fucking stupid. Its all a matter of perspective.

Who is right? I don't know. You tell me.

**In case it wasn't obvious to you, the Chinese guy pocketed the RM0.50 after writting on the ticket a time which was more convenient. That way, he profits RM0.50 and I save RM0.50.


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