Thursday, September 02, 2004

forgetful malaysians

Cool. Its been just 3 days since Merdeka day.

Gone are the patriotic songs.

Gone are those morons on the radio telling everybody how much they love their country.

Gone are those fucked up politicians asking people to fly flags.

But that's who we are, rite? We are Malaysians. We forget things easily.

We have already forgotten who Nirmala Bonet (who?) is.

We have already forgotten about all those pirated VCD stuff.

We have already forgotten how dangerous Estacy pills are.

We have already forgotten that we are not supposed to drink and drive.

We have already forgotten that next year, another batch of 18 year olds have to do National Service.

Pretty soon, we will forget about the Olympics farce.

The irony is that campaigns are supposed to drum things into our heads. Instead, these campaigns only seem to attract unprecedented feedback of supposed support or draw ridiculous amounts of critisisms. Either way, we Malaysians are a bunch of people who forget stuffs easily when they find a new topic of interest.

Like I said before, most of the stuffs, we do care. We do care when a maid gets beaten up. We do care when young kids take estacy and die. We do care when a drunkard rams into a mamak stall. We do care, but in truth, not that much. A shamefully short period of time is dedicated to national outrage. Cause thats another of our favourite pasttimes. We see something we don't like and we voice our displeasure. UNTIL something else happens.

Then we forget all that earlier shits. Why? Cause thats who we are. Patriotic Malaysians.


Still can't get over the ironic hypocrisy of that word. Patriotic.

Another word. Caring.

Ballocks I tell you. A whole load of elephant's ballocks. Never mind about putting a man in space. Or Vision 2020. No need to swim across oceans or climb mountains.

Just one thing will be suffice for me. I'll be damn proud, and I mean it, damn fucking proud of my country, the day we, as Malaysians wake up and decide that our attitudes stinks and it needs to be changed. That'll be enough for me.

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