Thursday, September 09, 2004

free time

A lot of buggers have been complaining about how they have had too short a holiday. How they dread the date which they have to fly off and continue studying.

Me, I actually look forward to it. I'll be flying off in approximately one and a half week's time. And I can't bloody wait for it. Holidays have been the usual stuffs for me. For one, I have been working throughout, something that I have done for the past 3 years.

No, not some job at McDonalds. Proper work related to my field of study. And no, not going into work as and how I like. I mean, proper work. I have just over a week to do whatever stuffs I didn't get down to doing, to see whichever chicks I haven't gotten down to seeing, and to watch whatever stuffs I haven't gotten doing to watching.

I did have a bleaming good time at camp. I did watch the entire season 4 of The Sopranos (fucking good show). I did go snorkelling. I read all the Harry Potter books and finished To Kill A Mockingbird. And I worked. I call that productive. Oh, and I slept a lot. Whenever I could.

Probably did not spend enough time going out. I haven't seen been to Ikano. I've been to KLCC ONCE. Once more in 1U and once in Times Square. Oh fuck it. I haven't met up with that many friends. Why? I am inclined to blame work.

You see, my hobby, among my most favourite pasttimes is sleeping. So, whatever free time I have, I sleep. That's about it. Sleep comes first. Money comes second. Sitting in my lounge watching TV/surfing the Net comes third. Everybody else comes after that. Chicks, dogs, fishes, whatever.

Yeah, I am an anti-social prick.

Sue me.

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