Wednesday, September 01, 2004


My office is on the top floor of a shoplot. Its a bitch of a walk up the stairs every morning. This morning, I endured an even bigger bitch of a walk. Half-way up the stairs, I could smell a dreadful fucked up stench. Like shit.

When I reached the top landing outside my office door, my assumption was correct. It was one fucking big lump of shit which had half dried up. Yups, you read right. One fucking big lump of diahorrea.

Some motherfucker had during the Merdeka holiday, climbed in through the roof and probably tried to steal something from the office. The problem is, when his father gave birth to him through his asshole, he came out as a germ. Which made that person not very clever.

The fucker was stuck outside the door of the office and obviously couldn't get in. And the thing with a certain type of people -- if they failed in a burglary attempt, they have to take a poop in the premises. Its supposedly so that they don't get caught or something. Some kinda sick fucking superstition that their uneducated mothers taught them I presume.

So, he did it. Pooped outside the door. And presumable escaped the fuck out of there.

So, most of the morning was spent cleaning up the shit. Had to splash a fucking lot of water cause the damn amoeba presumably ate some goat dick for breakfast. The shit actually stained the tiles and it actually needed a shit load of scrubbing before the stain was lifted.

And since the office is on the top floor, all the water that was splashed obviously flowed to the bottom. Like a waterfall. Only that this waterfall had bits and pieces of body processed chicken bits floating in it. So, we had to mop the stairs all the way to the ground floor.

Sweated like fucks. And then went back into the air-cond office. Now I have a flu. All thanks to that fucking uncivilised waste of precious oxygen. I always say, people viruses like these are like pigs. Useless when alive, better off to the whole world when dead.

Boy, I wish curse that hijo-de-puta* to get kidnapped by some sex maniac and get tortured by getting his dick chopped off. Then maybe shove that amputated dick up his asshole so that he could literally go fuck himself. Push his God-made dildo all the way up there and cause some high pressure build-up in this shithole which in turn would cause all his shit to solidify, permanently sealing his asshole. At least then he won't be able to go around shitting in front of people's offices.

*hijo-de-puta -- Spanish for son of a whore*

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