Tuesday, September 07, 2004

giant bullshit

I went to the Giant Hypermarkett just now. First time actually. The place is so fucking huge, you can practically fit in 1 million of J-Lo's asses in there.

Anyways, they have serious issues. Cause there is only one fucking entrance to the damn shopping area. And also one exit for people who don't buy stuffs. Its fucking huge. Common sense says, put more entrance and exits to make people's life easy.

Actually went there to buy some wine. Special promotion thingy. Saw the damn ad in a catalouge they threw into my mailbox. Reached there about 8.30pm. Like I said, its so fucking huge, you would have problems finding a fully grown sperm whale. What more a few bottles of wine?

By the time I found the stuffs and a few other stuffs, it was 9.10pm. The problem? It seems we have too pay for the wine at a seperate counter. And apparently, alcohol can only be purchased until 9pm. After that, no sale is allowed until the next day.

Which pissed the fuck out of me. Cause I just wasted a shit load of my time which I could have spent blogging or doing some other shit. Cause its a fucking stupid rule. Their manager said its a rule by the government and that its like that everywhere.

Well, if thats the case, fuck the damn YB who thought of coming up with shit like that. Whats the difference if I buy it at 9pm or 8.30pm? If I am going to buy it, and drink it, I am going to get drunk anyways, yes?

No, I can't think of any logical explanation for this shit.

Fuck them.

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