Monday, September 06, 2004

hairy issues

Hair. Let's for a second treat hair like small little people. Lets go one step further and give those small little people a name. Call them Smogs. (Cause thats the first thing that popped into mind) One strand of hair represents a person staying on a house.

In any country, the most populated area would be the city. Cause its a happening place. Same with the Smogs. They like to stay in the head area. Cause the brain is there. Happening things go on in that area.

Then, like humans, some smogs prefer quieter places. Not so near the action. Like men's chest. Cause practically nothing much goes on there.

However, again, like humans have squatters, smogs too have issues. They can't seem to stay in the appropriate places. Some of them like to stay on the women's lips. Or asses. I think we can all agree that hairy asses and moustachy women are not good ideas. What the fuck were the smogs thinking?

Then, besides the city, theres also the smaller urban areas where happening things go on too. Like the private parts. Its a happening place, yeah? Well, for some people at least. So, smogs like to live there anyway. Although sometimes, people think that having smogs in that area is a pest. So they shave it off once in a while. Fuck. Its a genocide I tell you. A murder of the masses.

Actually, the reason I brought up this issue is cause of more pressing issues. Me, I have damn hairy legs. Very unusual for a Chinese guy. In fact, I have more hair on my leg than most Indians. Why this unusual population of smogs?

Well, smogs, like humans are scared of things that they don't know much about. If you see a monster, what the fuck do you do? Run of course! And that's what the smogs did. They saw a huge great big monster, and fearing for their lives, they ran down south and decided to stay there permanently. Well, obviously not all the smogs. Some brave smogs who stayed discovered that the monster would not harm them. But thats not the point. The point is, there are lots of smogs on my legs cause of the monster up north. So, don't ask me again.

Anyways, the only anomily in this is that there is one happening place where smogs don't live. Women's chest. I don't get it. But its a good thing that there are no smogs there. Cause then it won't be happening anymore. Hmm. Maybe its a cycle. Maybe smogs used to live there. And it stopped becoming a happening place (DOH). Then the smogs died. Then it became happening again. And everytime men sees it, it happened to be at its "happening" stage. But I won't know all that. Gotta ask a woman.

Lots of things to ponder upon.

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