Sunday, September 26, 2004

have you ever?

Have you ever sat on a park bench and watched the world go past?

Have you ever lied down on the soft green grass and gazed into the heavens?

Have you ever taken a walk into the silence of dawn?

Have you ever stared at a tree, waiting for a leaf to fall off?

Have you ever sat by a lake and soak up the reflection of the moonlight?

Have you ever watched the waves roll up the beach and wonder how long it would last?

Have you ever day-dreamed of being a mermaid and swimming with the fishes?

Have you ever stared into a snowy white plain and wished that you could stare forever?

If you have, go get a fucking job. You are obviously too fucking free.

*Bet you thought I have gone soft, didn't you?*
*Cranky minds are good. I have just discovered the mental joy of a rubic cube*
*I'll tell you when I am done with it*


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