Monday, September 20, 2004

hey, cool!

You see, when people get angry, they lose the ability to think in all directions. All frustrations are chanelled to one view of things. They argue one point, totally ignoring all others. Such a case has happened, and I am sorry. I am very sorry that such a thing has happened on my blog.


Don't misunderstand.

If you thought I was apologising, think again dream on. Hahaha. Fuck. You'll have to wait for all 359 levels of hell to freeze over before I do that. Maybe wait for the Corrs to do a lesbian porn movie too.

Dudes and dudettes, I was talking about you. Thank all of you for your comments on the previous post. And especially thank all of you for commenting very very politely, even though it was clear that your thoughts were clearly opposing the things I said. So really, thank you that I didn't have to edit any of the comments.

But take another read.

I NEVER said that I hate/dislike/look down on women who want to look good. Temporary or otherwise. Seems the issue here is about women wanting to look good. Hey, I want my wife to look good. Like Anna Kournikova, if possible. Bet she uses lots of make up.

Somewhere along the line, someone got confused.

What I said , and read this well, was that I didn't understand why people would pay RM400 for their hair to get dyed. Seems it included treatment and some other mumbo-jumbo. Now not understanding something does not mean that I am ANTI that thing. Sure, I don't understand it, but its not my fucking business cause it wasn't my fucking money. And sure as hell is not my fucking hair.

I later went on to say, and I still hold firm on this. Cosmetics - make up, etc make you look better than your natural self, yes? That's why its used in the first place. In other words, it enhances your look doesn't it? It makes you look better, whatever your reason is. For guys on the street to ogle at, for job opportunities, for self-confidence, whatever the fuck it might be. Bottomline is, you use it to look better.

Now, my point here is, cosmetic surgery makes you look better too. To me, its the same thing, in the sense that also enhances your natural look. You are still changing the way you look. The difference that most of you pointed out was the costs, the pain and the possible health risks. Well, those 3 factors are really not relevant to you, if you choose not to do it. The point here is, do you as an outsider looking in agree with the principle of plastic surgery?

Again, its not a question of whether you would do it. Its a question of whether you would scorn someone for getting a pair of fake boobies. What I am saying is, as a principle its the same psychological feeling. You use make up to look nice. Other people use silicone to make their boobs bigger. Same reason. To look good to guys. To get better job opportunities (modelling, porn star, etc). To get a bit of self-confidence. Whatever the shit is.

So, my point, in case you didn't get it earlier, is that if you are someone who uses make-up, you should agree with plastic surgery. Doesn't mean that you would do it, just AGREE with it. Meaning that you won't scorn anybody on the street for getting fake boobs.

About what I believe -- I don't advocate dying of hair and make-up to go out everyday. Look your natural self. Its a bigger turn-on. But that don't mean that I am against people who do it. Do it if you want, but I am not going to force you if you don't want to.

Get it? Hope you did, cause I am bored of writting about this anymore.

Today, I got a punch in the arm. Supposedly it was because of my last article. Fuck. Why is it ok for women to punch men, but not the other way round? (Random rant -- don't fucking start another debate here)

Also, cause most of the women who replied the comments actually had their hair dyed. Those that I personally know anyway. Hey look. Nothing fucking personal. If I put your name here, then its personal. Otherwise, be clear on this. I'll even insult the Pope or the Dalai Lama if I they practice anything different from what they preach.

I saw a girl with green highlights today. I laughed. After much contemplatations, I stopped and thought, "Hey cool!"

But that don't mean that I am going to ask my wife to dye her hair green.


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