Monday, September 13, 2004


You know the song Asmaradana?

Its the theme song for Puteri Gunung Ledang. Chances are, if you stay in Malaysia, you would have heard it before. Maybe you didn't know what its called. But this is it.

Its a damn beautiful song. Nice tune and everything. Just downloaded it. Problem is, it kills me to listen to a song and not know what it means. I couldn't figure out the lyrics, so I did a simple Yahoo! search for it.


Apparently not.In the past, any lyric could be found by a simple Google search. Now, you gotta filter out the blogs first. Cause most probably, the search results lead you to someone's blog. Irritating? Well, for non-bloggers yeah. For bloggers, nah.

Well, I lied.It was fucking irritating for half of the search results to lead me to Ravishing. I don't blame the author that her blog screwed up the search engine. In fact, was a pretty nice page to look at. Has a nice layout and everything.

How can I blame someone when my blog does the exact same thing? Many a time, people were looking for playboy pics of Svetlana Khorkina and they bumped into my site. Many a time, people were looking for aneroxic pics of Mary Kate Olsen, and they bumped into my site.

Who do you blame then? Its those stupid search engines.

Besides, its good as a blogger to have someone accidentally run by your page. Increases your statistics and all that, you know. And who knows, might find a few more members of your fan club.

I finally found the lyrics on someone else's blog. Which is again damn weird, cause I usually hate reading blogs with lyrics on them. But this one served me well.

The irony of stuffs, eh?


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