Tuesday, September 07, 2004

my friend

People say I think too much. That's actually half true. You see, I have an imaginary friend. Or rather, two. Those two buggers, one guy and one girl, help me think a lot. But those two dudes, they are not exactly the stereotype imaginary friend that kids have. No, his name is not Bob the Space Cowboy. In fact, they have no names. More of a mirror of myself. Like talking to yourself in a mirror, you know.

The guy, obviously more dominant of the two, talks to me more. No, he has no name. But to make my life easier, let’s call him Vince. And the girl, fuck, I ain’t even going to give her a fucking name. Anyways, Vince and the girl, they appear when I am alone. Well, DOH. Otherwise I look stupid. They, don’t however appear together. Probably hate each other’s asses. But that’s not the point.

The point is, everybody should have imaginary friends. Vince, has on many occasions helped me form my own opinions about stuffs. Its like a debate with myself. Cool. He is my Angel and my Satan. When people tell me that I think too much, they are wrong. Its actually Vince that does all the thinking, and I then argue stuffs with him.

Vince also makes a good motivational tool. When I am studying, and can’t figure out some shits, he appears and scolds me for being so fucking stupid. Immediately, I can do any sums of stuffs like that. Whenever I need something that needs debating, Vince is always there to take one side. We then figure out together the best and most logical solution.

Just like John Forbes Nash.

* I'll tell you more about more conversations with Vince next day.
* I am not crazy, just a little eccentric.
* Eccentricity is the essense of all genius.

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