Friday, September 03, 2004

not like that

I was at a pasar malam (night market) last night. Buying stuffs of course. No, not porn.

Anyways, it was a pretty boring story. Until, I suddenly heard shouting about 10 metres away. Since I was heading that direction anyway, I made a beeline for the source of sound pollution. I was actually surprised by how easy it was to get there. Cause you know Malaysian buggers. Bloody busybodies. I expected a crowd to gather around, but there was none.

Heres, why. There were 5 dudes standing by the side of the road. 2 Indian guys and 3 Chinese girls. One of the girls was holding a guitar. The guy in the middle, the Indian guy was dressed in a red t-shirt which was slightly torn around the shoulder seam. Was wearing a bermuda pants and slippers. Didn't bother looking at the rest.


I was unimpressed with what I saw as I approached, so I just wanted to walk past, but stealing a glance as I passed.


Oh no. I knew what was coming.


Dude, not here. Its a pasar malam.


I couldn't bear to listen. Don't know why. As I was walking away, I heard an old housewife whisper to another:

Housewife#1: "Eh, huey kong mat kuai yeh ar?" (Eh, what the fuck is he talking about?)

Housewife#2: "Mm chee la. Wo mm ming pak. Choy huey soh." (No fucking idea. Don't understand. Don't bother him)

Well, the issue here is, its a pasar malam. Not a church. You preach in church. Not pasar malams. You are allowed to practice your religion freely, but shouting in a public place about your religion is like shoving it in people's face. That guy was so fucking out of place. A disgrace to all the other rational Christians out there.

Secondly, if he at any time thought that it was right to preach in a public place, well, it was quite a fucking stupid choice of location. Its a pasar malam. It night, it is filled with old housewives buying vegetables, fruits and stuffs like that. Most of those old housewives don't understand much English. So, preaching in English, and using words like "salvation", is not a good idea. Damn. I bet I can find a lot of Form 3 kids who don't know what that means. He would have been better off in a shopping centre. Then again, he might have already tried that and got kicked out.

Thirdly, if at all you felt it right to preach, and you felt that it was a correct choice of location, don't you fucking think that you should dress better and not like some roadside beggar? What kinda impression does that make?

Finally, and just thought of this, who the fuck is he? He looks my age. Probably about 25 years old at the most. Sure as hell is not a minister, or a priest. So who the fuck does he think he is that he felt qualified to spread his religion? If someone stopped to ask a question and he couldn't answer it, would he have looked fucking stupid?

Damn. Thats just not the way to do things.

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