Saturday, September 18, 2004

one way street

Life is a one way street. You choose a path and you stick to it. You can't follow the road and expect to make a U-turn halfway through. (Cause you waste a lot of petrol, and oil prices these days are horrible)

Therefore, if you want something, compromises have to be made. You can't have the fucking cake and eat it at the same time. (you might ask, whats the reason of having the cake if I can't eat it, well thats not really my problem) Similarly, if you have an opinion and a believe, its all the way. Its not believing in something when and only when it suits you to the core.

Cause thats pure hypocricy.

Couple of weeks ago, someone posted really crude comments. I edited his comments, removing his highly inappropriate nick and his uncalled for insults. But I left the original context of his comment in, even though I did not fully agree with it. How could I delete his entire message, since I constantly preach about speaking your mind. The only request I made was that his comments needed to include explanations and justifications of his opinions and not just baseless insults.

Just today, again, with my previous article, I was asked another question. Since I kept complaining about cosmetics and shits like that, I was asked whether I would complain if my wife had bad hair and shits like that. Well, I can't really complain can I? After all, it was me who said in the first place that I discourage all those cosmetic stuffs. If she wants to, I'll let it be. But if she doesn't want to, I ain't going to ask her to do all that shits.

Now, read this . Its quite fucking funny.

The point here is not about what Metalrage wrote. More about the article he quoted. Its quite related to my previous two articles.

Look, my point was :

1) If you agree with make-up and dying hair, ie -- changing appearances, then you MUST agree with plastic surgery. No matter what you say, whether its the cost or whether its permanent, that's really not the issue. The issue is that both are cosmetic issues, and both changes your appearance to look like something other than your natural self.

2) If you think that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or "women with brains are beautiful" or some other shit like that, then really, don't ever touch make up. Don't dye your hair. Hell, don't straighten your hair, or perm it. Manicures are also out of the question. So is pimple cream and moisturiser.

Really girls, you are either one of the two above cases. There is no mix and match. Otherwise, its just hypocritical.

Remember my article on feminism?

Equal rights, equal opportunities and all that bullshit?

If you believe in equal rights, then for fucks sake, expect to be treated equally in everything, ok? Again, its either one of the below.

1) You, as a woman, think that women are not equal to men. That men are in fact superior in many things. (there are many women who think like that, my mum for one, in fact most older women, the housewives, and Tinkerbell just admitted to me the other day that she believes in this) Well, in this case, then sure, its alright if you expect men give you special treatment. Carry your bags for you. Pay for your meals in dates. Stop by the roadside when your tyre just went flat and expect someone to change it for you. Frown when guys use foul language is used in front of you. Throw a tantrum when guys say insensitive things or act insensitive.

2) You feel that you are equal, if not superior. You can do everything a guy can do. Fair enough. I am not complaining. But that also means that you carry your own bags. Change your own fucking tyre. Listen to the crudest joke told by men and not give a shit. NEVER complain that your boyfriend/husband is insensitive. NEVER EVER say "girls are sensitive mah...."

And I never said that guys are better. A lot of them have their own flaws. Again, its either of the two.

1) You love cursing. (like me) You strive to learn every curse word in every possible language. Therefore, you also encourage women to curse. You don't call a woman "unladylike" when they tell you to FUCK OFF. You don't ban your girlfriend from using swear words, you bloody dick.

2) You are holy. Cursing is a sin. You've never cursed in your life. Fair enough then if you ask your wife not to curse. (I am not elaborating much, cause such people don't exist)

Point is, make sure you choose your believes first, and expect to be treated according to those principles. But of course, we make our own rules don't we? We suit our believes to fit our situations. Cause thats us, thats us humans.

When Vincent encourages you to go after the guy you like, cool, Vincent is a liberal guy. Cool, Vincent believes that girls should be given the right to pursue the men they like. When Vincent says, ask your boyfriend to fuck off if he tells you to dress so and so. Cool, Vincent is sensitive to a girl's needs. But when Vincent says girls should carry their own fucking bags, nooo, Vincent is quite an ungentlemanly prick. When Vincent says girls should be more independant and do more stuffs themselves, Vincent is now an MCP.

Aah, fuck all.


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