Friday, September 17, 2004



Vincent : *typing blog, laughing to self*

Mum : Eh..drive me to hairdresser.

Vincent : Why?

Mum : My hair long adee. Need to cut. Also, need to dye already.

Vincent : Aww, why need to dye hair wan?

Mum : Don't ask so many questions la.

Vincent : How much to dye hair ar?

Mum : Don't ask so many questions la.

Vincent : Okla. Gimme a few minutes la.

Mum : Lets go now la. My appointment in 15 minutes time.

Vincent : Ish ish *saving draft* Why must make appointment to pay money one? Women damn troublesome you know. Me, I go the Indian barber cut hair 10 bucks only, go anytime also can. Besides, he help me pusing kepala too. Free summore.

Mum : I pity your wife next time you know.

Dammit. Everybody seems to be pitying my wife. I feel so victimised. Pity ME! When my wife dye hair I gotta pay 400 fucking bucks! Oh, wait. 400 bucks is now. In 10 years time, with an annual inflation of 3%, dying hair would cost RM520. Pity ME! Pity my wallet. Then my daughter wanna dye hair, how then??

Say, got one daughter in about 25 years time (old enough to dye hair), ignoring future inflation rates, averaging out to about RM600. Say, dye hair once in 6 months. 2 women x 2 times a year. RM2400 per annum. Say, for 10 years, thats RM24000. Plus another 10 years before that, just for my wife. Thats RM12000.

Fuck me man. Thats expensive business. What do you think I am? Money Churning Printer ar?Imagine how many vibrators that women can buy with all that money. Dildos too.

I need PITY! HELP!


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