Saturday, September 11, 2004

poo story 2

My mum told me this story just now. She went to the hospital to have a routine check-up. No biggie. Anyways, while waiting for me to pick her up, she went to the cafeteria to have a drink.

In the cafeteria, sitting in the corner were a young couple, probably in their late 20s. Next to the table, a push-chair with their baby in it. These twats were nicely dressed and everything, probably yuppies of some sort.

The baby's cry disrupted the tranquility of the place. And we all know about those babies. They don't exactly cry, they scream bloody murder. Its a fucking marvel, those babies. How it is possible that something so small can be so loud and irritating?

The woman bent over to pick up her baby and did the most fucking unbelievable of things. She opened his pants and took off his diapers. There -- right in the middle of the fucking cafeteria. The guy passed her a few pieces of tissue paper and she wiped the baby's ass. Then, they put the dirty diaper and the used tissue paper into a plastic bag and threw the rubbish bag in the bin provided for food waste.

Happily putting the diaper back on for the baby, those two fuck-holes sat there laughing among themselves with no sign of guilt or what shits. Firstly, its a cafeteria. People EAT there. Secondly, its a hospital. Its supposed to be a hygienic place. Thirdly, which sick fuck does things like that?

Maybe cause they thought that they were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria.

Maybe cause they thought that the cafeteria was empty besides my mum and themselves.

Maybe cause they never learned in school not to do stuffs like that.Maybe cause they didn't even go to school in the first place.

Or maybe, just maybe they have shit for brains.

I don't fucking know.

I tell you something though. They were sure as hell fucking lucky I wasn't there. Cause after I finished with them, they probably would have to hide their face in that dirty poo-infested diaper. Damn. Wrong place at the wrong time.

This world and its people, sure are a fucked up bunch of living organisms.


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