Sunday, September 05, 2004

random ramblings

Fucking pop-up ads are back. I know how to delete it now though. And I just figured out where it comes from. No, not porn. Haven't surfed porn for a few days now. On abstainence, you see. Cause I prayed to Dicky, the God of Entertainment for him to grant me a hot chick. He said I had to stop surfing porn for a while. Ok, I said. Bah, thats out of the topic now.

Anyways, I discovered that its a bug in Blogger or the Blogspot websites. Everytime after I open a Blogspot website or the Blogger homepage to create a new post, some mother of a cow programmed it to install a folder in my C drive. Meaning that everytime I opened a new Internet Explorer window, a porn site appeared. Its fucking embarassing when my mum walks past my comp when that happens ok.

Curse those fuckers to be infested by mosquito larvae up their pee-hole.

The thing about small kids these days is that they like to wear those damn shoes with wheels. But we already established that. They suck. Their parents are stupid. Period.

The other issue is that the young girls like to dress scantily -- no, not those horn 14 year old teenagers. I am talking about 8 or 9 year old kids wearing so fucking little material that its actually disgusting. I saw a little girl, no older than 8 years old wearing a tube top yesterday.

And the other day, I saw another girl, probably around 9 years old wearing a ___ (fuck I don't know what you call those stuffs). It was one of those dresses where the cloth covers the front, and the dress is supported by one string tied around the back of the neck leaving the back totally bare.

Sure, its cool if a hot chick wears those kinda things. Maybe even teenagers. But a 9 year old? Thats just trying to be a slut isn't it? And the parents -- buying dresses like that for their kid, and leting them wear stuffs like that. What the fuck were they thinking about?

Maybe I am old-fashioned or conservative. (Hah!) But I think its just plain wrong.

I am in the mood for foreign movies. I watched Bang Rajan that day. Its a Thai movie about a small remote Thai village fighting the Burmese army of 100, 000 men. Cool show. The violence was breathtaking.

I wanna watch Puteri Gunung Ledang. But so far, everybody I told has called me crazy, stupid and weird. There was this guy who said that he would rather watch the most horrible Chinese show than watch a Malay movie. These 2 girls said that only weird people watch Malay movies and also laughed at Bang Rajan.

I don't know. It might not even be good. But I am going to watch it with an open mind. If it sucks, it doesn't mean that all Malay movies suck. These buggers have not even seen a single Malay movie but they still think that they all suck. Just cause its a Malay movie. Damn. I have fucking prejudiced friends. Proves another of my points. Racial harmony?

Yeah. As harmononius as my ass is hexagonal.

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